Sunday, January 24, 2016

Apres, and pendant, snow

So the sun returned today -- we're missing the excitement of the planets being in alignment, because of all the stuff in the sky, so I hope it doesn't impact on all the plans I made for when the planets were in alignment.

Meanwhile, the final official total is 23 inches of snow fallen, many roads still almost impassable, local police strongly suggesting to stay off the roads anyway, and darkly telling of all the collisions and breakdowns and rescues caused by people who didn't listen.

And my car is almost totally buried.  A couple of hardy neighbors whose paths have been dug are out digging away at cars, but on this side of the street the front walks have not been dug out yet, and I can't open the front door. 

In order to get to my snow shovel, I have to open the front door.  Usually they shovel out the paths in no time, but today not so much. Good thing I don't have to go anywhere in the next day or two!

This is where I stand and wave my arms and my hat and cheer loudly for our power company which once again kept power up throughout a huge event, unlike its counterpart a few miles south of here which goes down if there's a severe mild spell.  PSEG actually has infrastructure and hires people who know what they're doing.

I did manage to assemble my various flashlights and battery radio and LED lamp in case I had to stitch by it, but it's all back in the drawer now.

So awaiting the glad sound of men shoveling, I'm tending to my knitting, or stitching.  And accompanying this with pots of English Breakfast tea or, for a Viennese touch, lovely rich Vietnamese coffee,  and slices of zucchini bread from the Silver Palate.  

This page has a few notes about subs I've made over time to this recipe

I baked this yesterday, and added in the leftover nut and fruit filling from the Mother of Invention Tarts, plus a bunch of rum-soaked raisins.  Very good stuff.

And while I was at it in the kitchen, I soaked and cooked a batch of chickpeas, which are now in the freezer awaiting orders.  And did a cauliflower, good price on cauli this week, a new way for me, mashed, with various spices.  Not bad at all, might also go well in soup.  Also I nuked a giant sweet potato and enjoyed half of it mashed for supper, with nutmeg, yogurt and capers, half in fridge for next go.  Easy but interesting food.

If you've never tried it, a good  dessert is plain unsweetened yogurt over dates.  Lovely combo of sharp and sweet, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if this weren't an ancient recipe, since both come from similar parts of the world.  And a spoonful of New England maple syrup doesn't hurt, though it's from a different climate.

While I was writing, I heard the glad sound of shovels out there.  But before readers can jump in, yes, I will be very cautious about what I do with snow.  My neighbor will probably help, but I have to get my car at least drivable for when the bigger plows need us to move cars for their blades.  He'll grab my keys and vanish with my car, and return it to me later, I expect.  He usually does!


  1. suddenly rum raisins in homemade oatmeal bread sounds sooo goood. (next batch)
    Glad you survived, and seem to be enjoying the snow drama immensely. I sincerely hope so, otherwise what are storms for?

  2. You make being snowed in sound very pleasant, Liz! Glad the power stayed on and you're well.


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