Monday, January 18, 2016

The Dollivers Throw a Teaparty

A friend I haven't seen for ages but I often think of, was able to come to tea this afternoon, to join me in sampling the Mother of Invention Tarts with a dab of yogurt cheese on each, and the rum raisin banana bread, and a few tastes of egg salad on homemade bread.  English Breakfast Tea.  Best cloths, interesting dishes,great fun to prepare for and enjoy. I love a tea party, even with the direction of the demanding Dollivers.

She's an actress, and enjoyed the audience of the Ds who had heard that she might be bringing interesting little items for Boud to use in art, and showed up en masse in case there were diamonds.  After she left, they plunged in to the two boxes of jewelry pieces, and that will be a story for another day...

The champion dogs of the  Dolliver Kennels, banished from the table by wrangler NameMe, sat up patiently on the pass through and watched the proceedings.  

The only miscreant was Duncan who leapt up onto the table to see if there was any milk for kitties.  He waited till after tea, figuring nobody would notice a 15 pound fluffy black cat in the middle of the picture, it only encourages him.


  1. I cant stop laughing. Poor optimistic Duncan.

  2. I'd like to be a Dolliver if I got to have such a tea party!!


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