Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow. A lot.

I must say that when we delay the first snowstorm of the winter season, when it comes, it really makes up for lost time. We're about one third through this one

As of now, we have power here in central NJ, people at the shore not so lucky, and there's about 10 inches of snow down, blowing sideways, on top of that, and that we may get up to 30 inches before it stops.  No chance to do anything but watch today, I think. And hope the rest of the cherry tree doesn't come down.

I signed up for emergency texting and emailing for power, emergencies, etc., and I wonder if it was wise, judging from the blow by blow texts and emails I've been getting reporting everything from outages at the shore and hour away, to traffic accidents since last night, people incautious enough to try driving. 

I was really only looking for some information, if we lost power, on when it might be back! Even my tiny Ipod got all over-excited and used its biggest possible graphic to emphasize HOW MUCH SNOW there an excited parakeet.

You'll notice that the temps are not severe, and that the next few days will give us a chance to dig out.
Meanwhile, Handsome Son is safe home, was in touch this a.m., neighbor next door safe home from the city last night, there's soup and bread and red wine and a rattling good novel on the Kindle -- The Boleyn King-- and stitching to do.  I'm hoping to complete a big textile work today, all being well, and my arm holding up.

Take care everyone in the path of the storm, and let me know how you are. 


  1. glad to hear you're OK. Have been keeping an eye on things and wondering. Happy stitching!

    glad to her you

  2. Stay warm and safe! Hopefully it's over soon and that there isn't too much damage - and above all, that you don't lose power.


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