Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Opening Day

No, not baseball.  Noooooo, not trout fishing.  It's Opening Day of the Farmshare for 2013!!

The Dollivers insisted on having special farm style outfits, and declined to wear little carrots as earrings, on their dignity about their calling as farmers, and posed with today's first of the year share. I was a bit too busy to make outfits for everyone, so I had them appoint a delegation, as you see.

Asparagus, growing in the field this morning, lettuce plants ditto, ready to transplant into my container on the patio, marigolds now transplanted into a container out front.  Asparagus now snapped so the bottom woodiest bits are off and reposing in the freezer ready to go into stock, but the choice bits are ready to cook fast and eat with lemon butter sauce.

The homegrown oregano and sage are busting out all over and I will be making pesto very soon, since last year's supply is finally all gone.

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  1. Yummmm. Reminds me to check for Ontario sparrow grass tomorrow when I shop!!!


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