Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend opening of summer? right

Cold, wet, rainy, not beachworthy.   So the iris came into bloom yesterday, were knocked all over the place by rainstorms today, and I decided this was a good day to declare a stitching retreat.  See other blog for current progress on The Cellist.  And the framed completed goldwork Galaxy, or maybe Constellation, jury still out on the title.

Listening to John Grisham on CD,  then watching The Goodwife on DVD.   And catching up with all the proposed music for a recital one of my consort groups is doing in the fall, plenty of time to panic. And catching up with the paperwork  and copying and printing (some of our members don't do computers) for the board meeting of the embroiderers' group.

And that.  The iris don't care!  perfect rainy weather for their complexions.


  1. Your Iris is a smidge ahead of mine. Summer will always has before.


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