Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eat Dessert First, you know why..

Years ago I saw a friend, a great cook, arranging food, I think she was putting a slice of fruit beside a piece of cake or something, very simple, and the touch of arranging it made it very appealing.  I remember her when I see videos of fancy chefs drizzing stuff over ingredients and building up food in the middle of the plate, and think, well, there has to be a middle way for me.

So yesterday's dessert: anjou pear sliced, chopped walnuts sprinkled, molasses drizzled.  Very pictorial, and actually a really good dessert.

This was an interlude in a day full of rushing  about, delivering carloads to the thrift store on behalf of HS who can't get there because of his working hours, finding there a one dollar heavily beaded blouse, awful blouse, but a nice collection of beads and sequins to snip off and now they're in my collection waiting to take their turn in my goldwork, knitting more squares in my current Mindless Throw, visiting with friends,listening to the current John Grisham on CD,reorganizing my dried flower arrangements, cracking up that I have time to pay attention to dried flowers,playing music with me mates last evening, and generally having a full day.  Which is why I'm getting a later start this morning.

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  1. Yum and nothing like a busy day to make you feel you have earned a good sit-down.


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