Friday, May 17, 2013

Off to Camp!

The kids are off to camp, at last.  That is, the houseplants are now in their summer residence, finally, several weeks later than usual.  This has been the longest coldest spring in ages, so they couldn't go out when temps were going down to freezing or close at night.  So now I feel as if I have the house back to myself.  And the patio is now a nice sort of bower the stitching of embroidery for, and reading for, and afternoon tea for.  And when the pool opens and all the local kids take their games there, it will even be quiet.

The house looks a bit empty,, must resist the temptation to bring in more stuff.

And I have a sad demise to report on the tech front: my blog uploading wasn't working the other day.  Just stuck halfway through.  So I changed the camera cable, no result, changed the chip, no result, changed the battery, no result.  Finally a rush of brains to the head,and I realize, ah, it's the camera!! after several years of constant use and banging about in my purse, thousands of pics, it finally got a bit tired and worn out, aren't we all, and has been honorably retired.

Fortunately I took a tip from Handsome Son, who's the ultimate believer in backups, well, he's a computer geek,  so of course, and I had a second exactly similar camera, which I've been switching off batteries and chips with, so now my backup is my frontup.  But it's a boring old black. But it uses the same cable, software, chip, battery, everything, yay.

Perhaps I can paint it. Yes, that would work.   I'm in one of those if it doesn't move paint it modes.

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  1. Thank heaven for backups and lovely spring weather.


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