Monday, May 6, 2013

All go chez moi

It's been one thing after another -- after the girl scout team left, another neighbor presented me with a couple of lettuce plants and arugula, from the farm, with a request to accept them, and while I was at it, plant some more of them for my neighbor who's away and might miss them!  I sampled them as I went, not bad lovely fresh lettuce.

Then I had to get dressed for our monthly embroiderer's guild meeting, for more on which see here

I had to leave a bit early and fly across town to meet a friend at a concert of the local symphony, with Jimmy Lin playing as guest artist, and after I'd struggled through incredible traffic, driven around for nearly forty minutes in search of parking --this used to be a quiet place! -- I made it, to listen to the first part of the event from outside the door, had got there just too late to be seated. But I made it in, and we had a wonderful afternoon of Bartok, Prokofiev, Ravel and Stravinsky.  Russian and Hungarian composers, conducted by a visiting Bulgarian conductor, played by American musicians and with a Chinese soloist.

If you read the embroidery bit over in Art the Beautiful, the link for which I gave up there a bit back, you'll see what an international day I had yesterday!  it's all good.

Today: playing music with the group, then an artists' meeting where we will be making collaborative work.  

After that I plan to sit down. But first I have a great recommendation of a documentary movie, a Sundance one, that is just great: First Position.  It's about a group of very young dancers trying to break into the big time of ballet via an American based competition that takes place all over the world.  You'll have favorites in no time!



  1. I'll have to check for that documentary. I love documentaries. Sundance often has some great stuff.

  2. Phew - I feel tired just reading about all your adventures!


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