Friday, May 3, 2013

Greencycling with the girl scouts

Today I had a delegation from a local girl scout troop, connection via Freecycle, to collect pachysandra from me to plant at their school to beautify the entrance.  It was much colder than expected, hence the quick wrap up for the kids, as they collected the plants.  

Anna, the girl scout, her brother and mom and grandmother, all came to take bags of plants from me.  And Anna watched as I demo'd using a bulb planter --much easier for kids than a spade -- to plant a sample, then she tried her hand at it,successfully, as you see!  so now she's the expert and can show the troop members and the adult volunteer helpers, how it's done.

In the fall I invited them back to get divisions of bearded iris, too, and I hope they will.   The nice thing about pachy is that you don't need to be tending it, and it will still flourish, green all year round.  And the iris will flower while the kids are still in school, a big point for school gardens,

and is also very easy care.  Just plant and walk away.  It will multiply and spread like the pachysandra.

Nice family, nice encounter.  I threw in a few sprigs of rosemary and sage and oregano for immediate cooking, and a little root of spearmint for planting in a pot.  So we were all happy.

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  1. School gardens are great for the kids. They really seem to enjoy the experience of planting and making things grow. Lucky them having a nice spearmint plant. It sells out very quickly over here and is so much nicer than common mint.


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