Monday, January 31, 2011

Ten Thousand Read! Dollivers take a bow..

Ten Thousand? Dog, that's great!

This just in: as of a few minutes ago, our blog has reached the 10,000th pageview! so if you are reading this, you have started the next ten thousand.

The Ds. of course claim that they are the main attraction and it's their followers causing this intense international interest and concern, and I've pointed out that comments relating to them are not always so flattering, but they all chorused we can't hear you we can't hear you, we're made of yarn, neener.

Anyway, thank you whoever checked in on Field and Fen and put us over the top! A while ago we passed the one thousandth comment mark, which is a very healthy ratio, one comment to ten pageviews.

Usually we used to be advised in the broadcast industry, that if one person called or wrote, you should Pay Attention, because they often represented as many as 25 other people who agreed but never got around to actually saying so. For better or worse. Evidently some clever polling people established this.

All I know is that when a member of the public came into our station one time to look at the public records of programming and times, etc., the program manager called me in great excitement: come down and see! see who's in my office! I have a Member of the Public looking at my records! Exercising his rights! All these years of keeping the records required and finally someone wants to see them!!

So this is why pageviews, and particularly comments that arise, excite me hugely. Please keep on!


  1. Well, there's never been a shy and retiring Dolliver. We all know that. Boldness is in their yarn and that's the way it's always been.

    I wrote another installment of A Temp's Life over at my second blog:

  2. Ten thousand? Wow - congratulations on that landmark. I suppose the Dollivers will be wanting new duds to wear to celebrate the occasion?

  3. The Dollivers are *not* the main attraction. Uberneener.

  4. It's a great blog, that's why it's read so much! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and whimsies with us.


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