Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dolliver and Oliver

One of the Ds., the one most attached to big fluffy dog Oliver, decided he was suffering from cabin fever, and needed to romp in the snow. He needed no two invitations, and togged up in her new purple skirt and matching pillbox (channeling Jackie O) hat, she took him out to pose on a peak in Darien,or his nearest approach to it.

And in true doggy fashion, he romped and jumped and knocked her flat

and thanked her for playing with him in the snow and generally posed like a handsome Westminster entrant.

As she pointed out, far be it from any other D. to do such a nice thing for their pet, and the bribe of the purple skirt and hat does not count, but they do look good, no?

The big dog show is up in a couple of weeks, so no doubt Dog Oliver and Puppy Olivier will need to follow it in case their breed wins big. Fuzzy Yarnhound, Nonworking variety.

Speaking of nonworking, the Groundhog Day groundhogs performed their total annual working obligation, failed to see a shadow and cheered us all up no end that this means spring will soon come. Depending on your definition of Spring, but we'll take it at this point.

The Ds. are already planning their Spring outfits. I pointed out that Valentine's Day happens long before spring, so they stopped, thought, and flicked through more pages of their fashion mags to find suitable V wear. I probably should have omitted that information.


  1. That'll teach you to mention something around the Dollivers - now they'll be clamoring for new outfits for Valentines, Easter - oh, and how could they have missed Groundhog Day??

  2. Caught up again - lovely posts Liz.

    You are my inspiration now that I am, temporarily I hope, an official caregiver. I may 'mention' to friends the difficulties I encounter, but never will I complain. I would not dare. Bless you for all your strengths.


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