Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy VDay in the Antipodes!

a.k.a. This one's for you, Minimiss!!

Since it's already Valentine's Day in New Zealand and other good neighborhoods, I figured we'd get the wishing under way.

Dolliver in newly draped mermaid gown (note the shore theme) has to acknowledge the design influence of A.I., which does not in fact mean artificial intelligence, in fact she has a ton of the genuine sort, for her way of designing evening wear by draping a lot of beautiful fabric and going from there.

And the pet puppy Olivier read Mutts today, decided it was highly suitable for his purposes and borrowed the heart motif. D's porcelain doll, Canada, in honor of her origins, got all dressed up in her best red silk and lace and spangly stuff in honor of the day.

Hearts and flowers from all of us to all of you. Happy Day! SO remembered to get HS to produce a card and a little box of hearts for me, from HP, which touched me no end, since I didn't know he had realized the date. Little foggy on a lot of things these days.

And Wednesday, the 16th, no relation at all to V day in fact, will be the 48th anniversary of when we committed matrimony together! long funny story of our soap opera lives, together, apart, together, apart, dangit make your minds up, people, but that can wait a day or two.


  1. I am honoured my friend. Happy V Day to you too and to the Dollivers. Love the colour of the gown - very sari-like way of wearing it. It looks a lovely piece of fine knitting.

    Enjoy your day.


  2. She's a snappy dresser, that Dolliver girl.

  3. How do you do, Miss Dolliver! Nice to meet you, you cute thing, you!


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