Thursday, February 10, 2011

Community Service and movie review. Dolliver-style, that is

I found recently that St. Jude Ranch for Children, in Nevada, takes the fronts of old greeting cards, with some exceptions, for use in recycling to new cards as a fund raiser. So the recent massive purging of the files having yielded large numbers of greeting cards, all nice to see, but surplus to requirements, I figured this was a good destination.

I kept some from Handsome Partner and Handsome Son, which I can't part with, but there were tons that were just casual sorts of deals. So I spent hours cutting off the fronts, recycling the rest of them, parceled the fronts up in a box to send off today, and two Dollivers decided that since they are nice people, they would take part in this effort, mainly by getting a new hat each

and posing at the post office, evoking a lot of quizzical looks and cautious smiles.

I think the post office people who have known me for decades wondered if I might be getting a bit strange and maybe go postal.

So the parcel is off to do some good and the Ds are consoled for not winning the movie lottery at the weekend and getting to come to The King's Speech. The audience at the event was, well, mature, many of them probably remembering the events of 1936-9 when the movie takes place.

The Ds who did win the lottery were surprised at how dark it was in the movie

and they couldn't see from this seat

so one D. made the great discovery of a doll seat.

She noticed that other people were using them to hold drinks, and concluded they didn't understand the real purpose. This screen is huge, much better than that tiny little tv at home. Maybe we could have one of these at home, too, huh?

Mainly they fell back in admiration of the great Colin Firth, who ought to get an Oscar for this movie, as should everyone else in it, including Derek Jacoby who played the Arch. of C. with just the right toffee nosed effect and a lot of aplomb, which I expect he would pronounce just right. The sets were just stuffy enough for the royal scenes and just grimy enough for the speech therapist office scenes.

The audience respectfully sat through all the credits. And if they'd played God Save the King, I think they would probably all have leapt, or wavered, to their feet. Appreciative group.

I award this movie five crowns. And may God bless all who sail in her..

Meanwhile, I have made my reservation for my Great Big Outing to Cape May in May, and the Ds have put in urgent requests for swimwear. No, not for getting wet, for lounging in the sun. And hats. And sunglasses. And tall drinks. And I told them they were getting a bit ahead of themselves.


curlierthanthou said...

I laughed aloud at finding the real purpose for drink holders. Hooray for the deliciousness of anticipated vacation. I swear it's about a third of the joy of actually going! ~~maj

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm sure Colin Firth and the rest of the ensemble would love to know the Dollivers opinion of the movie. It's one I'd like to own when it comes out on dvd, for sure.

m said...

Oooh, glad to hear you're going on a vacation! Hooray indeed.

eepy said...

Don't forget the little umbrellas for the Dollivers' drinks. Delighted to hear you're going to get to the Cape again this year.

Thanks for the review, Liz. I am so looking forward to seeing this film.