Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More different snowflakes..

Another big snowfall over night and I don't know about how snowflakes are all supposed to be different. They're starting to look exactly the same from here...

The Jack Russell and the Westie across the street are considering whether or not a small dog can get lost in this stuff.

And whether those are little dogs under there.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, as I put the kettle on for breakfast, carefully putting it on the back burner, it occurred to me how many habits have become as near as they can to hardwired, such as putting the kettle on the back burner. Moms will instantly recognize the sign of someone always being careful to keep boiling water and other hot stuff out of the reach of the baby.

In my case, Handsome Son is now in his forties, a great cook himself, scorns my kitchen equipment, brings his own when he cooks a special meal for my birthday, has not lived under our roof for decades, I mean, he's a grownup! but I still put the kettle on the back burner, just in case...

Likewise putting the sewing needle into a scrap of fabric and back in the sewing box between uses, even when I will need it again in three seconds. Or leaving appliances unplugged no matter how often I use them.

Admittedly, some of these habits work well for pets, too, since I have met cats who knew how to turn on appliances if they got tired of waiting for the humans to feed them. And love to play with dangerous needles. But they're unlikely to pull the kettle over as it boils.


  1. two habits i picked up as a new mother were:
    1--get up shower and get dressed--don't delay!
    (in case anything goes wrong--well you are dressed and ready to head out of the house!)

    2-Back into spaces (garages, parking lots, etc.)
    Drive up to space, survey it, then back in.
    when you are ready to leave (leisurely or in a hurry!) you get to pull out (and can see where you are going and if there is something (bike, pet, child!) in the space you are about to move into.

    Its no harder to back into a space than it is back out.. and its so much safer. HUNDREDS of children are killed and injured every year when their parents drive over them backing out of a driveway!--this is shameful --and avoidable.

  2. You can tell I don't have children: I put the tea kettle on the front burner.

    Buddha Lou Who says those bumps under the snow are Dolliver igloos.

  3. When coming to a sudden stop a few days ago my arm flung wide across the seat to protect my passenger ... my 59 yr old near 6' husband.

    ;-) My own age is betrayed with that single pre-seat belt law universal mommy movement.

    Beautiful pics of your snow, though I'll be feeling a little trepidation as it melts to find out just what IS under those mounds of the stuff!


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