Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scary times at the OK Corral

We had an eventful 15 hours: two major snowfalls, one ice storm, one thunderstorm with exciting lightning, high winds, and the scary bit was a total power outage during the night.

Now this was important, because HP has an ap mattress, dependent on an electric pump to operate without deflating, which is dangerous for a person with pressure ulcer situations, and considered a medical emergency by the supply people. Unfortunately, the roads were impassable, so they couldn't have come out with a replacement anyway, and ambulances could not have got through if the house went too cold to be safe. And so on. And attempting to transfer him from bed to chair in the pitch dark too dangerous even to consider. Hard enough in the light!

I was up stumbling about in the dark looking for extra blankets to throw over him, and cautiously coming downstairs, finding a flashlight by feel, and generally trying to plan for whatever might happen. If it were only me, no problem, but it's different in this situation.

The power came back on after an hour, one of the longest outages we've ever had since we have a terrific utility company, great infrastructure. Ours are the techs. who are asked to go to other states to help them get wired up again after ice storms, so that will tell you it was surprising. But what with the alternating snow and ice storms and lightning strikes, not so surprising.

So we lived through it, but not knowing how long the power would be out was a very long wait, and HP is now peacefully eating his boiled egg and homebaked toast.

So I thought a few snowscenes wouldn't be out of place at this juncture.

Nature takes a hand with the wallhanging on the patio

Out front, snow slopes

Somewhere under there are cars, I guess

The wild cherry is completely lying down on the table now. Can't tell yet if it's broken, but it's a tough guy, and I'm hoping not


  1. Holy smokes! What a lot of snow!

  2. Oh wow - scary indeed! Is there any sort of battery backup you can get for the mattress? Dad had both a stair/chair lift and a lift chair and they both had battery backup in case of power outages. Perhaps there is some sort of attachment you can get for the mattress. Stay warm and safe!!

  3. Oh, wow! At first I misread the words snow "scenes" to be snow "shoes" - and I was thinking to myself "Good idea, Liz!" I'm so glad you and HP don't have our power company. We have so many brown outs and total outages that sometimes last most of the night/day.

    Battery backup is a good idea. And here's another:
    I have a booklight that is on a long cord for wearing around your neck. When staying with my mom at the hospital it was invaluable for getting around her space at night, finding my things or reading without disturbing her. As you have the ability to direct the position of the light it allows you to move about hands free with light at your feet. It now hangs on a hook in the kitchen with an additional one just inside my closet door for emergency grabbing! I don't know why it is, but an actual flashlight has a way of disappearing and never being in place when needed the most! I shudder to think of you taking a bad turn in the dark!

    The pics are incredible ... so beautiful, though I can certainly understand your worry. I wonder how long it will take to melt away ... and where it will all go!! Stay safe!

    Meantime I am enjoying the most lovely "little thing" that arrived yesterday ... Snail mail from Zachary and myself heading your way in the next couple of days!


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