Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Urgent pharm runs and Dolliver winter sports

After the big snowfall, and the subsequent Digging of the Car, the helpful neighbors being away this time, and I was bloated with pride at being able to do this without being worn out, I found that we were dangerously low in HP's heart medicine.

There are quite a few meds going on in this house, largely his, and I don't know how I didn't realize we were close to the end of this dose. Anyway, since there may be ice tomorrow, and the roads were basically just wet after the plows did a much better job, they get better with each snowfall, getting into practice, I had to do a fast pharm run.

And a Nurse Dolliver insisted on coming along to supervise the procedure, which a good natured and incidentally model-beautiful pharmacist allowed for, after she'd protested she was not looking good today, her hair, oh dear. If I could look like her, I'd never whine again! but we all hate our own pix, I know.

Then there was a terrific midwinter display of flowers, labeled REAL, which Nurse Dolliver, being as REAL as they come, decided to pose among and maybe get some to bring home.

Meanwhile, I was checking the meds just to be sure, putting away the camera and then hastening home with the goods.

Only to realize when I went to return D. to her clubhouse that, gah, there she wasn't! so another run to the supermarket pharm, and there she was, grumbling about being left AGAIN, was I trying to get rid of her, maybe she should find a new family...

Meanwhile back at home, the more frivolous Ds were strapping on skis and getting their poles organized because little Swiss, naturally a crack skier, had offered to show a D. how it's done. On the black diamond slopes.

Easy for her to do.

But a bit harder than D. had thought ahead of time.

So they swooped and swerved and D fell, and finally it was apres ski time with hot chocolate in front of a warm stove, uh, microwave.

And D was last heard bragging about her great runs and how she would be glad to teach the other Ds if they dare go on the Really Steep Slopes.