Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ophiuchus? whazzat?

It seems that while we weren't looking, the planets have been shifting around, to the point where our signs of the zodiac are way wrong. We've been reading the wrong section of the daily horoscope, horrors.

Us Sags are for the most part now under the sign of Ophiuchus or something. The snake holder. Hm. Not sure if I like that, now they've taken away my horse. But then the Scorpio people have been shrunk down to a few days, to make it all fit right or something, so they may have a bigger issue.

HP is no longer a Cancer, now he's a Gemini. And so on. I wonder if all our lives will take a sudden swerve to fit the new zodiac?


  1. I was nervous till I read that the change is only for Saj folk born 2009 and beyond. Still don't know how the phiuch to pronounce it.

  2. I read an article on yahoo that said that Ophiuchus is a constellation and has really nothing to do with Astrology. It's more of an astronomy issue. Here's the article if you want to read it:

  3. As if we didn't have enough stress now we have to wonder when we were born?

  4. If you like that story, you'll like this one: Earth may soon have a second sun.


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