Sunday, January 30, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Snow scene seen on the way out from home yesterday. Taken as an act of faith that the snows will stop coming at us.

Soon Chinese New Year will be upon us, and the local library was invaded yesterday by wild and fierce young dragons, dancing about and mixing and mingling with the crowds, along with the music, food, arts and crafts that were happening all over the place, and a huge and wonderful drum that was beating all the time, sounded like the building was reverbing.

The annual greeting of the librarians by the friendly dragon

Dragon mixing with the groups, blending in...

Dragon in search of new adventures

Which he finds in the kids' department, where he was grilled by a little guy wanting to get to the bottom of this vision that suddenly appeared. "Are those your feet? wait, there's PEOPLE in there! how did you get in? how can you get out?" and so on.

Dragon looms up for a closeup after escaping the probing questioning of the small reporter.

Bracketing the post with the snow scene caught coming home again.

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