Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March January 21 2017, Dollivers do it their way

So we, the undersigned Dollivers, and our dowager doll, here leading the group wearing her custom knitted pussyhat, hereby proclaim, in our best dresses, never mind what color, that today we are officially part of the worldwide Women's Marches.  

Ancient Dowager doll predates women's suffrage in the US, which is why she got the hat. Boud yesterday got official recognition of the hat she sent off to the March to be given to a marcher on her behalf, and that of the friend Karen, from whose stash the yarn came, after her death.

And Elton and the bears are loyal supporters of rights for all humans and other beings.  Safety pin wearers all, metaphorically.

Elton, of course, is playing Our Way!  and Hail to the Dolls, and America the Beautiful.  The last is because despite all, we will go on, art will save us, we are strong.  Our Republic was built on dissent and dissent is a patriotic duty if we see wrong happening, at any level.

Boud completed her Protest Weaving while listening to the Inauguration on radio, feeling she had to witness, even with pain, the transfer of power.  
And we are all proud that even with this crisis in our country, there is no armed insurrection.  Peaceful marching and protesting, pressure through political and social channels, speaking our minds in order, among other things, to preserve the right to speak our minds.

Here's the Protest Weaving, a landscape of spinning, dyeing, weaving and  personal statement.  It's full of land, sea, sky, crops, the unfolding of r daily life.  Beads from K, the small amount of prespun yarn from Helen T.  All the rest spun and woven by Boud, the subtler colors dyed from local natural materials, the more vivid ones from predyed roving.  It's a women's cooperative artwork in itself!

Okay, Boud out! mic drop...

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