Sunday, January 22, 2017

The solution to hat hair: the Pussyhat Pin

I heard about these being made as a permanent item to wear even when warm hats are not on the program, and I made a couple today from a pattern I made up as I went.  Instructions below.  

If you're a knitter you probably don't even need the pattern, and if you're not a knitter you can maybe get a knitter to make you one. I plan on making a few and giving them to people I meet who see my pin on my coat and show interest.

This is protest knitting!  I also started to find local resistance groups, to get involved with, to help safeguard our rights, as well as reviving my donation knitting, possibly for WarmAmerica, as well as getting donations to the local food pantry.  I think local action as well as activism will be the key.

My spinning practice is coming in handy now, since I have yarn ready to knit, lovely soft warm stuff, friendly to handle, and I hope it will be acceptable for the WarmAmerica projects.

Okay, the Pussyhat Pin (side funny note: the NPR crew were told in their editorial briefing of the day, yesterday, that they could indeed say pussyhat "as long as the context was clear"  Heheh.  Inner evil Boud got a chuckle out of that).

 nyway, the pin: I used Caron Simply Soft in neon pink, sorry, all I could get hold of, size 5 needles, courtesy of Judy T.,  cast on 10 stitches.  I used dpns because this work is so tiny you need a short needle so as not to get all irritated with it.  

Then work four rows in single rib, then 10 rows in stockinette. Then four rows in single rib.  Cast off. Done. 

If you leave a tail at beginning and end, you can use them to seam up the sides.  You just fold it over so the ribbing forms the opening.  It's just a bag shape.  I stitched a pinback onto the back, and that was it.  

Since I wear the safety pin, I added that onto the thing in a couple of ways.  You could also use one to attach the pin instead of using a pinback.

So that's quiet activism and good use of your skills to use up bits of pink yarn probably lying around after the big push to knit the pussyhats.  Feel free to share this blogpost if you want to.  And to add whiskers or earrings, or whatever whimsy you like. Activism doesn't have to be solemn.

I did put the pictures of the  pin up on Ravelry, but didn't think of putting a pattern up, since it's so simple, and they are Serious Designers over there. And it's possible there are also a number of patterns of this sort there anyway! they're a seriously inventive group of stick wielders.

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