Friday, January 27, 2017

As long there's soup, and friends, and art

The new normal around here is days divided into activism -- texting, emailing, signing, meeting, donating -- and then the blessed other time of making art, knitting, reading, lunching with friends.

Yesterday was the occasional lunch with a group of women artisans, who design, knit, quilt, stitch, make all kinds of art.  Mari brought her latest massive quilt, a tshirt quilt, with meaningful tshirts appliqued onto a wonderfully designed and quilted background.  So big it had its own chair at the lunch table.

The pix mostly were not good enough to share, but I did get a pic of Mari, the artist, to show you.  

Dark restaurants are not a great environment for pix, though they are great for renewing friendships and getting caught up.  And for being reminded to get cracking on knitting for Warmup America, as well as finishing the pussycat hat on the needles which will go around with me in search of a receiver.  

This is Shaker Stitch, which I like very much to do.  All garter, but looks more interesting. In fact I may do some WarmupAmerica rectangles in this stitch.  If they need machine washable yarn, I have to pass up my spun yarn, and use other stuff from stash.

Anyone who wants the hat, grasps the meaning, but can't make one for herself, will be the recipient.  This actually includes any blog reader who would like one, though I know the vast majority of readers are artists and crafty people, but still, if needed, do say. And I have several completed pussyhat pins for people who don't do hats, which includes moi. Again, just say.  You may have to spot me a few $$ for postage.

Meanwhile, good food is another way of self care as well as coping and actually finding something to enjoy.  So tonight, Handsome Son will be over for dinner, and has a nice menu awaiting.

 Started, on the stove

Served at the table. Just now for lunch, the cook's privilege preview.  Carrot, ginger and white bean soup, with a little drawing of coconut milk put on at the last minute.  Curried mushrooms, with salmon croquettes and mashed sweet potato.  And old fashioned comfort food cupcakes with icing for dessert, with a pot of tea.

The donation I mentioned earlier is a small one, what I can afford, to the legal defense fund of the Standing Rock Water Protectors, who are once again on full alert, still there in midwinter in the Dakotas, holding fast.  And may soon need legal protection.

Locally, since it's vital not to forget people on our own doorsteps. the Plainsboro Food Pantry is in for a donation this weekend, for the dozens of families in our little town who need assistance.  It's such a small thing, but it's my shrimp!  or starfish, depending on which version of the story you like!

And I've restarted my meditation practice, which had sort of fallen off the radar with all the recent anxiety about politics, and the building renovations, but that's exactly the time to revive it.  I use the Five Minute Meditation I found on youtube, just a bell striking, no annoying music, and it's very helpful at the start of the day.


  1. You make me feel so much better! I am pretty isolated and don't see other people that often--and even then I have to be careful of what I talk about to who because I'm a lone blue spot in a sea of red Trump hats. But I've rounded up a group of six women and we'll start meeting to write out postcards and share information this coming Monday evening. That should help.

    I'm not a hat, pin, or logo wearer myself, but I sure like seeing them on other people.

  2. I'm catching up on several posts at once, Liz, but it sounds like we are taking several of the same paths - no surprise there. I began "upping" my meditation practice back in December, and I've been making soup at least weekly in a big kettle that lasts for days. I don't have your high level of face-to-face human interaction, though - just getting through what absolutely must be done here at home doesn't leave energy for much else - even my blog-reading is done in little bursts (like this one). I think my main source of human contact this winter has been my PT - fortunately, she is a wonderful person!
    Onward :)


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