Friday, January 6, 2017

Pink pussyhat on its way to a Washington marcher

Today I finished up my pussyhat, just enough yarn to get it done. I did alter the pattern, though, since I'd seen pix of the finished ones in use, and they looked a bit big. So I took a couple of inches off the length, and that worked fine.

I had to model it for you.  Here's my I'm Wearing My Pussyhat, don't Mess with Me face

and the result of attempting to do that was the usual screaming laughing!

I pinned my info to the hat, and asked that the wearer be strong, and continue to fight to keep the gains older women like me have won for younger ones.  

I gave my blog address, too, in case anyone wants to check back and see what's up here.  So it's on its way, and will be there Monday, plenty of time.

I'll be tweeting the pix, too, and putting a link on Ravelry. There's still time for a rapid knitter to get a hat in under the wire. 

This has been a fun bit of activism, combining taking part in a movement of our time, using skills to do it, and sending a message to an individual wearer.  A hat trick, you might say.


  1. Lovely, Liz! I've done several and am still knitting.

  2. I love it! Pretty smile, too :)

  3. So nice to see your smiling face, Liz!

    I'm committed to 4 pussy hats, but my yarn hasn't come yet. It's supposed to be here today. I can do it :-)

  4. You have a very stern, serious face! But the picture of you laughing is just wonderful.


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