Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pancake rescue, and hope springs eternal out there

Update on the homemade curry powder: on the flounder, it was really good as a rub.  Interesting, not just hot.  And I made a turkey curry, using Bill Veach's recipe I showed you here earlier, which was the first one I'd given Handsome Son.  Handsome Partner and I used to eat it all the time before HS was born, but it's fiddly and I didn't make it so often after we had another person's taste to consider.

But I found he loved it, ate large quantities, together with the jasmine brown rice I'd cooked with raisins and almond slices, requested it in future, too.  And it made several more meals for me.  So this was worth doing.  I served banana chutney and sliced banana in lemon juice as condiments, and one of us liked them! I used to make other sides, too, but didn't go that far this time.

Then I was interested in something different for breakfast and found what looked like a good pancake recipe, involving the rest of the bananas, on a craft site.  

Now I now that this is like going to the hardware store and hoping for baked goods or something, and it was about as useful.  You'd think a simple pancake recipe would work.  It did not.  It was too thin, stuck, just troooooouble.  

So I turned the rest of the batter into the old standby clafouti, a la Julia Child.  I used a handful of frozen berries.  

And as you see, this was a real improvement.  Probably okay for breakfast, too, come to think of it.

Outside, nature never fails, and today here are the noses of my entire troop of snowdrops, bravely standing up to be counted.

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