Monday, May 23, 2016

walking the labyrinth for H.A.S.

A few days ago, there was a tragedy in the family of a friend, and today I walked the labyrinth as an observance of the loss of a very young man.  

It occurred to me as I walked that there are now so many spirits populating these walks for me, of people who have left us, ages ranging from 23 to 93, all with such an impact on everyone around them.  Every time I walk the labyrinth, they accompany me.

This young man was only known to me by name, his mother being the person I was in contact with, in the art world, and others have been similarly removed from me, yet they all have such power over our lives, and how we live them from now on. Those who were close to me have great directive influence, in ways that don't become clear for a while.

Today's walk, among the ash trees and maples and shrubs, had musical accompaniment from nesting birds.  And as always, I entered confused and undirected, and left calm and with a sense that it's okay for me not to understand why such things happen.

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