Monday, May 16, 2016

Red Ted throws a tea before departing

This afternoon was a little tea for a friend, long planned, and finally it happened.  Red Ted decided he needed her as his new person, so I agreed that since we had been thinking about whose home needed a Red Ted, this would work.

So tea laid, with Red Ted presiding, and we had a nice spread of parmesan crisps, hot biscuits with golden raisins, crushed walnuts and caraway seeds, buttered, and mixed fruit crumble with mango yogurt added on top.  English Breakfast tea, two pots of same.  We had a Good Time.  Harrods had nothing on us.

Friend needed a respite from some major caregiving, and I decided this was a Good Thing, to cater to her, bake for her, and all that, just because someone should.  

She arrived with a lovely gift, to my surprise, a pot of petunias sitting in a basket of her own make, wonderful addition to my basket holdings.  

She's a great spinner, gave me my first spindle and sample of roving, basket maker, all kinds of talents, in addition to high powered day jobs.

So I guess we were both gifted today..and Red Ted couldn't wait to go home with her.

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  1. oh i got the sniffles over this one. How lovely for all three of you...


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