Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mushroom quiche

This is in the nature of a Note to Self.  Last week at the farmers' market I picked up a lovely bag of mixed mushrooms from the Kennet Square people, famous mushroom source in Pennsylvania, and decided now was the time to make again that quiche which makes a mushroom crust rather than a flour one.

Then came a protracted search for where the &;*&;*&;* recipe came from, using every tag I could think of. Finally found it in my ancient tattered old Sunset cookbook, so now I know where to find it.  And my label on this post will help.  As will a tip from JT on using the search box which I had totally never noticed in all these years. And a thought that searching in my own blog would have been good. Too late smart.

I subbed sharp cheddar for their bland old Jack, fresh chives for their scallions, and omitted paprika since I didn't have any. But it still worked a treat.  Foreground cooking mushrooms with added cracker crumbs, on board chopped chives, shredded cheese, background eggs, cottage cheese and red pepper in blender.

It's one of those labor intensive deals that comes out smelling so great that it's worth it.  And it's more than filling, on account of all the cheese and eggs.  

So here's today's effort.  Since Handsome Son is not a quiche fancier, this is for me and any neighbors who happen to get lucky. 

Did I mention that strawberries came in this week?  

best I've had ever, I think, right from the farm to my mouth!


  1. Oh I hope this means our local strawberries won't be far off! I'm hoping to stock my freezer pretty heavily this year :)
    Your mushroom project sounds delicious - I love the smell of mushrooms cooking almost as much as I love to eat the mushrooms afterwards.


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