Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is a mixed sort of day, partly a serious remembrance of the military lost in war, and for me, also the civilians also caught up in wars, particularly children.  I try to be careful not to glorify combat and victory, so as not to be part of keeping it going, while honoring the suffering of the people in wars.

Then it's also taken as the first weekend of summer, joyful, weather permitting. This year weather was baking hot and between barbecues and various friend visits, I seized the day and the Dollivers.  

I set them up with a little patriotic flower arrangement, so that they could get in training for lying about in the sun, while Elton played a rousing series of Sousa and other tunes but failed to get any marching going on around here.  He tried Grand Old Flag, Stars and Stripes, My Country Tis of Thee, Star Spangled Banner, all to no avail.

The Ds were annoyed at being squashed onto one chair, wanted one each, but reluctantly agreed that a photoshoot with one D per chair stretching out into the distance wouldn't work so well.

But they did recover enough goodwill to send everyone for whom this is a holiday weekend wishes for a good weekend, a good holiday, and a good start to the season (summer up yar, fall down theah, where we also have readers).

Then last night, torrential rain, and this morning here's a wonderful Memorial Day observation:  

the iris, given me by a friend, neither of us knowing what color it would be, throwing out only foliage for a couple of years, finally bust out overnight in bloom with this result.  

This is enough to cheer a person up. Particularly when the friend, after seeing my pic this morning, mentioned that he would share more colors with me when he divides his iris this year.  This patio is going to be an iris paradise before you know it.


  1. is it my imagination, or has Elton put on a bit of weight? He seems puffier than I remember him, or maybe its just the hat. Or something. the girls seem to be having a wonderful time, btw, but I guess they usually do

    I love that yellow Iris! What a lovely surprise for both of you. There does seem to be something joyous in yellow irises, and lilies, as well. They brighten up the dark corners so nicely. =)

  2. Ah the astute Elton watcher at work! He discarded the big knitted ski hat for the season, so his face looks fatter with his little regular hat. He indignantly demanded I explain this with no delay, and is seriously thinking of putting the ski hat back on, heatstroke or no. Too bad, since the real owner,also a bear, is wearing it now and hoping to retrieve his sweater, too. Watch this space for bear on bear ructions.


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