Saturday, May 14, 2016

West Windsor Farmers Market, and results

Perfect day today for the farmers' market at West Windsor, second week open but last week was rain and wind.  Today lovely, and I browsed among wonderful produce and flowers and smells and friendly people, and happy babies and dogs.

Then once home, I planted my burlap hanging planter with, north to south, you already know about the marjoram, nasturtium nasturtium, dill and dill.  

My next door neighbor and his visiting cousin admired the hanging garden, commenting that it looks Japanese!  and neighbor thinks he might try it, too.  Some basil came home with me, too early, but I couldn't resist, and more dill in containers.

In the kitchen, a frenzy of tearing and rinsing and cutting and admiring, ready for today's lunch. Curly leaf lettuce, scallions, figs (dried, not from market) tomatoes

The tomato is NJ, but hothouse, too soon for outdoor, but it still has that minty smell in the stem that you get only when they're fresh.  Asparagus soup, from the farm, matzoh, every year someone gives me a box, why, why..mystery. Every year a different person too, is this a plot?

Very good morning's work.


  1. This was a 6WS, forgot to note that.

  2. Farmers Market open here as well. (6W's)


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