Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Backsplash! Done!

So it's done!  the backsplash is now up, and looking fine, and the kitchen is completed. I have more backsplash material and if my tenant at the condo likes it, I'll do another one over there, now that I know how.  Two views. As you see, I did the entire wall, figuring that would be better than just one section. And it does look nice and finished and continuous.  I should have put the oven light on, too, to show you how the panel glows in the light.

I started off adhering it, but then realized it was just as good to use panel tacks and tap them in at intervals, this being a 2 x 4 foot lightweight sheet cut to fit, rather than individual tiles.  In fact they were not panel tacks, but the kind of small nails you use for basket making, since they came from Mittens, and I'm guessing that was their previous use?  worked fine in lieu of the panel tacks I couldn't find. 

I learned about cutting out to allow the outlets to work, and all that, and matching tile patterns, not obvious even though this was an all-direction design with square motifs. 

I painted the outlets and covers, and will give them another coat, using liquid acrylic, since I found that in practice leaving them to match the walls looked a bit jarring.  I painted, then sponged.  But I can fiddle about with this at will, now that the main job is done.
Took about three plus hours. I do like to do my own work! and it's a big improvement over the old glum wall it covered. Also I covered up the old landline phone jack,  out of use for years.

So now I'll just wait, hot and tired and smug, for all the cheering and stamping and whistles...well, I can dream.


  1. yay whistle stomp

    waving arms

    I am indeed impressed, Boud.

    What those tacks were for I have no idea, since I rarely used any kind of nails or tacks in my stuff; they may have been something I acquired, the way that happens, and I thought you could use them more productively. Which you did. they might even have been carpet tacks, nasty pointy things they are...

  2. SO satisfying when you get the results you are looking for! And I love copper - bright if you want it bright, and always warm-looking, I think.
    Excellent job!

  3. Whistles, cheers and appreciative stomping. You never cease to amaze me with your DIY-ing.


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