Saturday, October 3, 2015

Last Backsplash! This or Any Stage! 6WS

The Backsplash Caper is Done.  Handsome Son and I installed one in his kitchen, which pleased him a lot, and we are now officially out of the backsplash business.  It looks really good, and he benefited from all the learning I did on mine.  

 Finishing touches in process.

Took about three hours. As always, it was the final fittings and tweaks and curses that took the longest.  Now I have two sheets to return for a refund, yay.  Took four sheets total to do both kitchens.  And HS has all the leftover bits to make art with.

And on the high tech front, I have installed and almost got the hang of Skype, or perhaps it's got the hang of me.  Anyway, I know to look into the camera now, and not mutter dementedly at the keyboard when I'm looking for the commands.. 

My entire directory at this point is Handsome Son, because even though we live close, recent winters have cut us off from one another, what with snow, high winds, downed trees and other efforts of Ma Nature. I wanted to be able to have near to a real conversation if we can't get to each other's home.  Also as the landlady, I need to know if anything happens for which I need to call in help.

Meanwhile, the stories of Joaquin ravaging our fair state were greatly exaggerated, just a whole lot of rain which we needed, no winds at all, really cold temps -- cats glued one to either side of me whenever I stop moving -- and no drama at all.

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