Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zucchini quiche and black walnut dye

Black walnut dye being food safe, and this large container being dedicated to dyeing purposes, it was okay to show you the zucchini quiche fresh from the oven right next to it.

This is a nice crustless quiche, courtesy of Diane crustless spinach quiche, except that I often replace the spinach of the original recipe with other things, such as broccoli or here grated zucchini, which I had in the freezer ready for such a use.  Note to self: remember to drain frozen zucchini, or you have to bail out the pan.  Surprising lot of water accumulates because of the ice crystals in the freezing process.

I grate zucchini as soon as I get it from the farm, and freeze it so I can use it in zucchini bread or quiche or other mixed vegetable dishes.  I find it pretty hopeless on its own, needs to be in good company.

This went down very well, and you see what a good pie pan the castiron makes. Puffs up nicely.

Did the sauteing of the onions and garlic on top of the stove, mixed the eggs with the cheeses (used cheddar and parmesan here) and various condiments, mainly kosher salt and black pepper.  Then mixed it all on top of the stove right into the pan, sprinkled with a whoosh of red pepper, and baked it for 30 minutes at 350F.  Four helpings from this one.

The walnut dye came about when I realized yesterday was a great day for collecting fallen black walnuts from the trees behind my house.  And remembered that I had a bag of same in the freezer. So I got them all going in the big pot, simmering for several hours to get the best color out of them.  I'll strain out the nuts and hulls, then strain the remaining dye liquid, then we'll see what happens next. I might just freeze it till midwinter to use it then when I can't get out and pick dye materials.  

I don't bother with a mordant for black walnut, since you can hardly stop it from dyeing, never mind encourage it.  Friend Stefi once laid down a bag of walnuts on her back step and what with one thing and ten others, forgot to retrieve it, and a few days later found it again, also found a permanently dyed back step. 

Farmshare this afternoon, almost the end of the season and as God is my witness I will never eat squash again.  Waiting to see what's up this week, and hoping for apples.


  1. Never say you will never eat squash again - I'm willing to bet you'll indulge again next year! When we grew zucchini I can remember saying that, but it's amazing how much I miss them now we don't have a garden. I love zucchini in muffins and bread and lasagna. Squash is good in so many ways - on it's own with a little brown sugar and butter; in soup; and pie. Mmmmmmmm.......

  2. That looks 100% appetizing...both the quiche and the dyepot!


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