Thursday, October 22, 2015

A gift of a day, walking required

Now that the winter prep is done, all set for cold weather of which we've had some, gloves and coats and all, suddenly today is a warm day, high 70s, sunshine, so winter is on hold, and a visit to the Pond was called for.

Whenever I take pix of the bridge across the pond, I think, hm, who needs Giverny?  I like to come here in all seasons, following on the advice of a naturalist, Jenny Hanson, who led a group I joined several times, of local nature walks.  

She used to say it was valuable to cover the same ground repeatedly throughout the year to observe all the changes, because it wasn't really the same ground at all.  She was quite right.

Birds flitting about, a few last crickets still chirping, and the usual flotilla of Canada geese pretending they plan to fly south, we wish, but they fly as far south as the next town, then wheel around and come home again, acting as if they've been far away.
Overhead, two turkey vultures sailed and sailed on the currents, never flapping, just making tiny wing adjustments to keep moving in wide circles.  

Home again, a pair of mourning doves rummaging in the emptied planter boxes maybe for seeds. And the last climbing rose, which I planned to pick for the house before the frost got her, vanished. Today I looked down from upstairs, and there it was, all bitten and torn up, on top of the fence.  Turns out squirrels like roses, too, who knew.

So a lot of earth critters were out and about today. Lucky us.


  1. What beautiful photos - lovely autumn colours.

  2. We had the blessing of a lovely day yesterday too and took advantage of it to make our yearly trek north to the cranberry bog. Unfortunately we missed the actual harvesting (again!) but came home with bags of berries for the freezer (and our tummies!)


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