Monday, September 14, 2015

Sign of Fall Chez Boud

When I sigh and drag myself out to the deck to start hauling in, cleaning up, and setting up houseplants again in the house.  these are just the ones downstairs, too big to make it up a flight.  Well, this is a sign of Fall.

The one on the right standing proud is doing that because she's tethered to the bookcase!  can't be trusted to hew to the vertical otherwise.

I just got these in before some torrential rain which would have made them weigh a lot more and caused torrential streams of curses from the gardener.  But they look pretty happy here.  The summer outside always causes a rush of growth -- you see the ficus now brushing the eight foot ceiling -- and makes it harder to just put them back where they were in June.  I found a little tiny toad on one of them, and she clung to my thumb when I gently lifted her and carried her to a safer spot, not on a traveling houseplant. Last year I had quite a few hitchhikers, so I'll see if I get any this year.

I have some nifty diy stuff to show you, when I get it under way, this time to do with insulation, always such an exciting topic. But I'm actually quite chuffed about this, since it will make a difference to the lives of all who use our downstairs bathroom, whose back wall has zero insulation as of this writing.  Stay tuned.


  1. Considering insulation was pretty much a highlight around here last winter, I await developments with enthusiasm! I really cannot overemphasize the wonder that is Roxul, so if you are doing something with that particular product, I shall be doing cartwheels.
    (In my mind.)

  2. the ficus is over thirty years old, and first came home with me in a little pot, sitting on the seat of the car! she's withstood several house moves, too and numerous animals!

    The insulation issue may disappoint you, Quinn, since I'm strictly of the low budget, low exertion school. No fancy stuff -- I looked up Roxul,and would have to save up for months to even try it! -- but you'll see what I'm actually doing, and I hope you will still be doing, if not cartwheels, at least somersaults!

  3. It's so sad to bring the plants indoors, but your room looks like a garden with all those plants.


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