Monday, September 21, 2015

Festival Weekend followed by Recovery Sunday

Sunday was a quiet, sunny day perfect for all kinds of things from bread baking, finally the weather allowed it, to a stroll by the river, an icecream in the sunshine and a walk down a historical street.  And since I was pictured and crowded and musicked and noised out, I decided just to do it, not to take pictures.  The pic here of Brainerd Lake in Cranbury was my only concession, so as to give you a nice general image of the day.

So I had a peaceful time just watching the sparkles on the river and the reflections of the water under the leaves of the pin oak leaning over the water, then a stroll past historical houses and their gardens, in the last flush of flower and fruit of the summer before Fall starts officially.  A stop for peach icecream, then a duck into the used bookstore, where I scored a Pym I don't own, though I've read it a lot, a Few Green Leaves, and home to rest from all this exertion, reading Pym on the patio.  Just focusing on being there, not on framing up pix of it and transmitting it all.

To see why this was vital, and why after an exciting day on Saturday, I needed down time from people, however wonderful, for a little while, go here

 And, since I heard of Jackie Collins, a writer I'd never read, not my taste I thought, having died, I thought I'd do a bit of tribute reading, and I put Hollywood Wives on my library list!  I could have got it on CD but I thought having that prose read over my goldwork stitching wasn't very congruous, so I'll read it in an actual book, with a cup of tea.

Speaking of reading, and of CDs, since I'm always busy doing stuff and can't be reading paper books at the same time, I've done quite a bit of CD reading, and highly recommend Kate Atkinson's A God in Ruins, just brilliant.  And Philippa Gregory The King's Curse.
Currently I've finally got my hands on Shirley Jackson's collection of essays and short stories, some not published before, the collection put together by her children and recently issued, I Want to Tell You.  So far, so excellent. Well, it's Jackson, what did I expect but brill?

And I've been eating and cooking, too, but will get into that in the next day or two, with some dogmatic statements...why are you not surprised?

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  1. My favorite part was "home to rest from all this exertion"... :)


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