Saturday, September 5, 2015

Holiday weekend in the US

Labor Day weekend, perfect weather, and if my friends and neighbors are anything to judge by, a way of celebrating labor by doing not much!  everyone planning on reading, resting, pottering, no major strenuous plans.  And that's pretty much today for me, too.

One of those days that are not special in events but are full of things to remember.  Trip to the farmer's market, and I met a lovely young Cane Corso  puppy, Luca, already 80 lbs, and probably going to top 100 by maturity.  Only 14 months old yet. Very sweet guy, friendly and happy to be petted.  His owner told me I was the first person ever to identify him correctly!  but then I've known other Italian mastiffs, fearsome looking fellers, and total pushovers for petting.

Yesterday, I taught a little workshop in paper jewelry, and took part of the proceeds to the market for great figs and eggs and farm-made chicken sausage, then off to the other farm for blackberries, peaches, raspberries nearly the end of the season.  And yet more Roma plum tomatoes.

Dessert was a huge fruit salad, figs, blackberries, raspberries, peach, plain yogurt, sprinkle of brown sugar.  Summer in a bowl.  Earnings well placed to support our local farmers, too.

Soon the farmshare will include apples.  This is the year of the apples for me, I think, after that bushel basket I picked from the friend's tree.


And I think I've manage to rehome my extra pool lounger.  I suddenly had too much furniture on the deck, and only needed one, so the other is going across the street to live, as soon as my neighbor carries it over there.  Neighbor K. across the street is thrilled because she was about to buy one anyway.  I didn't mention she was the fourth person I'd offered it to!

Painting daily is going along, to my surprise.  But stitching is also in the mix, or the offing. Too hot for much cooking, more like assembling. Enjoy the weekend, even if it isn't a holiday one for you.


  1. It all sounds lovely. Have a happy Labour Day weekend Liz.

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I a looking forward to seeing what paintings you produce. :)


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