Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Puzzle

What pet:

1. comes when called
2. drinks from the toilet
3. plays with a tennis ball
4. runs to greet visitors at the door to insist on petting
5. loves to get wet 
6. likes wrestling with his friends
7. protects Boud from strange men

 A dog, you say?  a black lab, maybe?  nooooooooo, it's Duncan The Wondercat, aka CK Duncan (Chocolate Kitty, because not really black when the sun shines through his fur).

And, as he says, Better Than a Dog! Cats Rule..



mittens said...

Guard cats are so cool, arent they. I love the cats that assign themselves to certain roles in their lives, and it looks like Duncan has several. My, he keeps busy.
Love the picture, that pose says it all.

dogonart said...

Duncan's thinking "if that guy takes any longer, I'll have to charge him rent".

Minimiss said...

Cats definitely do rule. Especially in our house.

Asha Francis said...

Haha, you had me fooled :)