Sunday, August 16, 2015

Signs of life returning

I was felled a few days ago with what turns out to be two things at once, I got lucky, a tmj flareup, first I ever had, and strep throat, again first I ever had. Both of these things cause wild pain in your throat and jaw.  I will draw a veil over the last couple of days, the impossibility of sleeping at all with that level of pain in your throat, gah, and the higher pain level that happens when you try to swallow.  And since I am now safely onto antibiotics and various other things my doctor rxed, I'm hoping for better days.  

I'm glad I insisted that I thought I had strep (having studied on the internet at 4 a.m.) despite the nurse and doctor and assistant all assuring me it was unlikely in adults.  But Dr V. swabbed my throat anyway, and did a rapid test.  Called me back half an hour later to say, well, I got a surprise, you do have strep.  

At this point things is a bit better, still wobbly, but that's okay, it's moving in the right direction.

To prove it, I got back into doing a little drawing for #drawingaugust, namely the little native cherry sapling I planted in the spring for the wildlife, and to succeed my old cherry when she finally falls down.  Glad my hand has stopped wobbling enough to do this! click to see better.

But alas, I'm infectious, so I have to postpone being around people for a few days, out of social responsibility. That includes asking my friend next door to help me with the shower faucet.

This is one of those simple if you can manage it things:  I noticed that the shower was only going to lukewarm, wondered if my water heater was giving out, but the other shower and various places for water were all heating nicely.  

So I got brave and popped off the front plate of the faucet, unscrewed the handle, praying water wouldn't gush out, and found that the inside of it was broken, the piece lying in there.  No wonder it wasn't turning.  Sent away for a replacement, and yesterday attempted to install it.  Well, when you're running a fever, and generally well under the weather, it's probably not a good time to do this.

So I installed it once, and when I pulled it out to start the water, it came right off in my hand. Oh.  Did it again, and now it worked lovely, changing temps just as needed, and when I went to push it back in to turn off the water, it wouldn't turn off.  Removed the tap and went in search of a tool to bang on the stem to turn it off.  Which worked, but isn't a good method for daily use.

At this point I think I've reached my level of 1. patience and 2. ability to do a simple task.  So when I feel better I'll ask G. to fix it, which he will do in thirty seconds, laughing the whole time.  Anyway, I do have another shower to use. 

And that's the big dramatic news chez Liz this morning.


  1. I am always in awe at the fearlessness with which you approach such things. and good for you for insisting with your doctor. Sometimes we do know what's best for ourselves, and you have to push a bit harder than normal. Brava, brava, on both counts.

  2. Was your throat too sore for swearing during the shower project? ;)
    I missed your drawing - not sure why. I do try to keep scrolling down in my twitter feed to see what's been posted when I am off in real life. Hmmm.
    Feel better soon, I hope!

  3. Swear? Well a few well chosen short words..this afternoon temps in the 90s high humidity, local transformer exploded. Longest outage evah for our usually great power co. Many trucks cruising area to find the source of the problem, once found took about five minutes to fix, yay.

    Chatted with many neighbours, keeping at a safe distance, on account of the strep. Now the antibiotics have taken hold feeling dramatically better. Getting ac back helped too.

  4. Oh my goodness - talk about being felled by a double whammy! So glad you advocated for yourself with the doctor and that you were able to get the magic pills you need to make you feel better. Take care of you!


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