Saturday, August 8, 2015

Farm fresh doings in the kitchen 6WS

Many things to think about today: Handsome Son's birthday (celebrated last night with a big Italian dinner and chocolate cake, with afterdinner mints and prosecco to celebrate him) dinner courtesy of Liz's Kitchen, and a lot of fun it was to prepare and serve it to us both.  Very merry evening.

Also Handsome Partner's fourth anniversary, or possibly ten minutes, at times it seems to be so recent.  We celebrate him on his own birthday, so as to reserve today for son.  Seems fair!  It would amuse him if he knew.

And since the birthday dinner is done, and the son is off to the shore, I went to the farm market and the farmstand and came home loaded down with tomatoes and peaches and eggs and chicken sausage and energy to prep the tomatoes and peaches for winter use, or at least fall use..

I celebrated with a little drawing while waiting for the water to boil for peeling the toms and peaches.

But I did remember to keep one tomato and one peach for lunch, there is nothing better than a New Jersey tomato, right from the farm, just sliced and a bit of salt.  Followed by a Jersey peach, likewise, with a dash of ginger.  No need to fancy them up, they're fancy already.

And my new kitchen toy is getting massive use: the chest freezer I've been banging on about for years, and finally bought.  Less than 24 hours from deciding and ordering to actually starting to fill it!  It's about 5 cu ft, plenty for my purposes.  Lightning swift delivery.

The bottom is all natural dyes, so I can use them in the winter when there's not much foliage to get, and the rest is rapidly filling up with fresh fruit and veggies.  In the course of organizing my freezer from the top of  the fridge I found all sorts of nifty items I'd forgotten, sauces and things, so that freezer is all about pesto and herbs and sauces and various other condiment type stuff.  Amazed at how many little packets of curry leaves I found in there, now all in one bag.  Just bursting with gloat over all this.  And now when I make soup I can store it without risking life, limb and toes when I open the packed freezer to find it..


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