Friday, August 21, 2015


After a dramatic thunderstorm during the night, which kept on coming back and doing an encore, woke up this morning to find the patio all decked out in diamonds. I  noticed, since the old cherry tree branch was weighted down with water, and I could see into it, that there's a great crop of wild cherries starting.  The birds will love this in fall and winter. Not good for humans, though, too tiny and bitter, all pit no cherry.  Birds and squirrels also eat the thorns on the wild cherry, in the depth of winter when food is at a premium.

So here they are, sparkling, and the houseplants thrilled with their shower.  Click to enjoy better.

I've been realizing that though the patio is not spectacular this year, full of wild flowers and marigolds and various unshowy plants, it's proving to be a much better nature center than when it looked a lot more exciting.  The petunias attract clearwing hummingbird moths, actual hummingbirds, several species of butterfly, all kinds of birds rummaging in there for insects,the herbs are a big bee magnet, and all in all, it's a Good Thing TM.

And because of their visits, the general feeling around it is one of more peace and ease.  I wander out with a cup of coffee in the morning and just enjoy. That's when I often do a daily drawing, too.


  1. these are lovely, Liz. Yeah its more of a porch garden than an arboretum. Never thought of the difference, but when you use house plants there's not a lot of bloom involved, is there, unless you go for violets and gardenias, but outside plants are all about the flowers.
    And a lot more fun.

  2. Your morning place sounds very pleasant! I often think I'll do my (almost)daily drawing in the morning instead of late afternoon, but once I'm up, the chores begin, and once the chores begin, I'm pretty much engaged in a cycle of heat/sweat, rehydrate, repeat, usually lasting till midafternoon. Then I try to get Piper out to the woods so we can go bogging or sketch, whichever each of us prefers, and get back in time for evening chores.
    I could try to sketch during chores, out with the goats...hahahahaha!


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