Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Glorious August! farm lunch

August, now that the heat's abated a bit for now, is amazing.  The mornings are perfect to be outside, everyone's so happy!  and the food's not bad, either.  Also my friend did fix the shower faucet in no time flat, once he'd shopped for the right one, doh, I had not realized I was trying to fit a square handle onto a round faucet, so to speak, very slightly wrong, but enough to not work.  And he gallantly refused even to be reimbursed for the new faucet and the trip and the work.

Here's today's lunch: farmfresh tomato salad, just doused with fresh ground black pepper, together with salt redskin potatoes, a la Deborah Madison, spritz of olive oil, champagne vinegar.  I'd already made inroads on it before remembering to take a pic.

 Dessert is totally ripe cantaloupe chunks with  baharat (see here ) from my Ottolenghi adventures, sprinkled over.  It just gets better in the jar. You open it and the scent is so many layered.  Sprinkle it over practically anything! Or just breathe the scent, for instant calming. Better than lavender.

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