Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY goes out and tackles the sun

I've been thinking idly on and off for years about how to deal with the brutal afternoon sun which comes over the roof and beats down mercilessly on the front of the house from an angle.  

I have a curtain set up inside the storm door to draw in the afternoon and keep the brightest light and some of the heat out, but it feels unfriendly to shut people out like that.  So finally I had an idea and here it is in action.

As you come down the street from the mailbox

Three yards of 60inch wide waterproof canvas, I installed a couple of hooks inside here, slung a dowel across between them, these I had already, only had to cut down the dowel to suit, then pinned across, twice per green stripe, vertically, straight pins, to create a rod pocket.

Here's the inside scoop

Then I slid the dowel in and climbed up, yet again, and put it up.  The wind got into the act and I stapled and tacked the drape on each side so it doesn't flap about uselessly against the door.  Simple stuff. One of the neighbors stopped by before it was finished and admired it and thought she might try something like that at her house, too.

Not totally free, this time, had to buy the fabric.  But cheap still, and I like the effect of it blowing in the wind, very nautical.  Or shabby chic, perhaps.  I didn't hem it, just cut to fit after it was hung.  I doubt if waterproof fabric can fray.   

Total time expended, if you don't count the years of musing: about 45 minutes, cursing included, and many trips up and down stairs to assemble tacks, stapler, hammer, saw, stepstool, scissors, fabric.  Total cost about $6 a yard for the fabric.

And my watch cat approves of his new cabana. He likes the color scheme.


  1. i like this, Liz. sporty but not obtrusive.

    and as long as the cat approves...

  2. The cat and I agree, great schema! Snacks included?

  3. Excellent result! Very cabana-y, and I expect to see the Dollivers setting up a lounging area, possibly with a pool.
    For comparison, I spent about 45 minutes fitting and placing ONE 10' 2x4 today. I had a helper and I don't want to rush a nice person who is trying to learn how to do something with wood.
    But I sure wish I had gotten more done on that project today.

  4. Looks like a rather brilliant solution, despite all the climbing and to and fro-ing. The stripes rather match your watch cat too. (oh yes, and btw - you ARE an honorary member of the CQTeers, albeit long distance).

  5. Nice DIY project. I like the colours and your watchcat is adorable.


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