Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Plein air at the Turning Basin Park

Today I spent the morning, at least until I got too hot, drawing with me mates in a plein air session. Very small group this week, since the heat's difficult for a lot of people.  We consisted of one watercolorist, one photographer (who took pix of me at work, I believe, and promised to send them!) and moi.

To see the drawings, if you're interested, go here

But to see pix of the actual place, here ya go.

Bridge also seen in drawing on Art the Beautiful, interpreted of course!  bridges over water a favorite subject.

 Elizabeth painting

 Towpath where a lot of walkers and bicyclers pass by and show an interest

 Elizabeth working so intently she's unaware of my sneaking up on her.

Surprise discovery of the day: a fresh sheepskin drying, pegged out at all corners, and we wonder whose project it is.  If any local readers know, please tell us.

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