Sunday, June 1, 2014

White Rabbits

Late May I walked the labyrinth for my friend who left us a couple of days ago, and for all of us.  You'll see the Tibetan prayer flags flying, rather low at the moment, since squirrels do acrobatics on them and you have to duck your head as you pass under the flags.

I found a little piece of mica on the path, and put it in the middle of the labyrinth, as a token.  You can see it bottom right on a piece of white rock.

And now, White Rabbits, for a new month. If anyone knows why we say that, let us know.  I've no idea.  Some people say rabbit, rabbit instead, but that's just wrong!


  1. this is a lovely way to recall a friend, isnt it. I had never heard of the labyrinth before, and it seems right somehow.

    white rabbits: is this a british term, like vegetable marrow for squash?



  3. don't know the why of White Rabbits. Actually thought it only referred to 1st of May.

  4. I've thought of you and your friend, Liz, over the past few days but only came to your blog this morning. Very sorry to read of her passing, a great heaviness and loss for those who knew and loved her. I will once again remember her on my beads, but now in thanksgiving for her life and the treasure her friendship was to you and others.

    Our neighbours are vacationing in France intent on visiting Chartres Cathedral where the original labyrinth was placed in the floor centuries ago. Though many would never make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, they could walk the labyrinth, and this they planned on doing, both for themselves and on my behalf, in thanksgiving for Heather's return to health following surgery last autumn. Through whatever belief system we hold dear, we are all connected in our humanity, pushing forward in life, celebrating the gift of the lives of others. Your friend was certainly one such cherished gift. - Jean in Cowtown


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