Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hats for the Fourth

The Dollivers announce that Boud presents her compliments to the blogistas, but is unfortunately unable to write this blogpost on account of being obliged to knit up a storm.

We Hatless Dollivers, what it took to get us to this point, pleas, arguing, shouting, picketing.  Finally the outdoor picketing did it, fear of what the neighbors might think, you know, about sadly neglected Dollivers in need of summer hats.  Except for one, of course, but we're not talking about Blondie Firstborn.

We even had to scramble up the yarn, note our nice color choices, perfect for summer lying around, which happens to be our plan for the season.  This is not, as Boud bitterly commented, payback for bringing all those homeless bears into our house and our rocker, no, it's simple justice.  Hats for One, Hats for All, we say!

So since Boud pointed out we were  using her knitting needles for picket signs, we had to disband and let her get on with the casting on.  Four Hats Ready for the Fourth, we say.  You'll be lucky, Ds, she says.  Well, we'll see.


  1. *giggles* Power to the dollivers! Looking forward to see what the protest bring about.


  2. the D's must have heard about "if you want to get ahead get a hat". Shouty lot aren't they?

  3. You are SO outnumbered, Boud!

  4. Better keep the D's and the bears separated! Who knows what sort of revolt you will have on your hands if they managed to convince the bears that they need hats too!!

  5. No, no, don't even say that! the bear count is now up to 21. And two dogs.


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