Monday, June 2, 2014

Freecycling and the consolation of teddybears

The last few days for family and friends of Karen, have been a blur of organizing, my part of it being a frantic push to freecycle items from her very crowded house, her family having limited time to clear the place before their own lives have to be attended to.  

Here's just one sample of the many bags of items I selected, sorted, categorized, listed on freecycle, and with rapid exchanges of emails  arranged to pass on to freecyclers who were delighted to receive them.  There's a lot of admin. work behind freecycling, a little realized fact.


Tired from all the work, back a bit achy today, but it does feel better to be doing helpful things.  Many of the items are going, via a saintly freecycler,  to a very struggling Hispanic church group whose members can barely provide for their own basics despite working, so Karen would have been very much in favor of that gift, to give them high quality items, shoes and clothing, blankets, they can use right away.  And some very good toys for their kids, too.  She had nephews and nieces, and kept her house stocked with toys for their visits, so they're now in new little hands.

And I rescued a couple of struggling houseplants from her house and they're on my patio in intensive care right now.

Bittersweet.  It's all bittersweet.


  1. It's also a legacy. You're doing what she would have done herself, and that in itself, while small consolation, is still something to feel better about. It does matter.

  2. Yes, bittersweet and yet, at the same time, a good feeling to be placing her things into the hands of those who would benefit the most.

  3. You are doing very noble work, and I can understand indeed how bitter-sweet it all is. Fitting that the bears found a home with you and I hope that the house plants pull through.

  4. Good work, Boud. Also, good works.
    And I'm glad the Bears have landed on their feet, so to speak :)


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