Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Bear Garden

In the course of helping clear K's house, I kept on finding bears which the family were putting into the freecycle area, so I figured I had to rescue them.  And ended up with quite a crew, as you see.

I did a gangshot of them occupying the spare room bed, then three sections so you can see a bit better.  And there are two dogs which smuggled themselves in somehow. One barks when you squeeze him, too. They may join the Dolliver kennels.

Now here's the thing: I wondered about naming the bears, so they won't leave unless another home urgently needs a bear, but I'm told this is Not Done in the best bear circles.  You're supposed to wait till the  bear tells you his name.  I dunno, that might be a while.  

Anyway, take a look, blogistas, and if any name just jumps at you for a given bear, I'll take it that the bear made you do it, and we'll go from there.


  1. Dexter for the grey one and Pinnie for the one with the big white ears! You have your very own hug!!

  2. Albert for the one with the big red bow. :)


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