Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice on the patio

Here's the patio on the summer solstice, replete (been reading Joyce) with plants growing in the ground, herbs in pots, houseplants, all kinds of items. 

 It's full of links and memories this year, couple of plants, the Norfolk Island Pine and the ivy rescued from Karen's house.  Then there are other plants from another neighbor with a plea to give them intensive care.  

The sansevieria is in fact the property of the former wife of a friend, who heard about my patio and shipped her plant several hours south via friend's truck, to go to camp here and recover from what looks like severe deprivation. 

The herbs are in part from my farmshare, and the gaillardia is growing in the ground, in front of some other yellow flower whose name escapes me.  The pink caladium is in a pot, property of a friend.

Even gardening can get people intensive.  Funny how that happens.


  1. my kinda porch, liz. all that greenery, and all those friends contributing to it, one way or another.
    Mine is a bit the same: siberian iris from a neighbor, solomon's seal and a lovely peony from friends of my mother in law; the trumpet vine was my fault, mea culpa.
    And my good friend Lea, who died two weeks ago, who gifted me with four lovely rosebushes years ago, and was always so pleased when I told her how well they were doing.
    Gardens aren't just about flowers, are they, it's about the people who contribute.

  2. Too true. So sorry about your loss, Judy. You'll remember her through her roses, I think.

    The other part of gardening is the future gifts: just this morning a neighbor wandered by, admired the Boston ferns, and was so happy when I offered to divide them and give him one, all potted up, in the fall.

    And another friend plans to stop by and dig bicolored iris in September and give me blue iris from his garden. I like this exchange going on and on.

  3. My kind of garden! When we moved into our last house the flower beds were horribly neglected so we put out a call to all our friends to think kindly of use when they were dividing their plants. We often came home to bags and boxes of plants left sitting beside our door and many times didn't have a clue where they came from. We ended up with beautiful gardens - at minimal cost.

  4. Lovely patio and Happy Solstice. Gardening does bring people together. There is a lot of simple pleasure in the green.

  5. I love looking at your summer photos when we are in the depths of winter. They really brighten my day.


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