Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thriftie Joy

Before I launch into my brag about my thrift score this a.m., I have to explain the title.  A while back a lovely Raveler sold me at a very good price a whole raft of beads in sizes I can use.  She needed to know my address for shipping, and in the answering email, I used the subject line: Bead Joy!

After a day or two she said, well, I do need an address to ship to, and I explained I'd already sent that, but anyway, I resent the email, and she said, OMG, my husband saw that subject line, assumed it was porn and deleted it without opening!  naive me, forgetting the other possible connotations...

Anyway, the joy I refer to today is my Grand Success in find a pair of jeans, perfect condition, right color, right make Gloria Vanderbilt, which always fits me, right size, not a petite, but I can shorten a bit.  My reward for scanning an entire rack of jeans, mixed up sizes.

And a whole trove of great decorative thread which I can use in beading and in embroidery.  

Note the prices.  Change from $10. This is a good thrift day.  Happy Dance!


  1. You've got me on that one - "bead joy" - I have no idea what porno connotation it might have, and while I considered googling it decided I didn't particularly care to further my sex education. I have windows to wash so must get on with that. Priorities, you know - Jean in Cowtown

  2. Don't worry about it, Jean! washing windows is much more productive.

  3. Definitely some great finds. You're going to have fun with the new threads (oh, and look very spiffy in your new jeans!)

  4. That's a good haul, you have to love a thrift shop. I did smile at the bead joy!

    BTW for some reason blogger isn't sending everyone comments to my email box, so thanks for your recent one, I did reply on the blog but if people don't go back to check they never know. Another failing of blogger

  5. Wow, that is a great day of thrifting! I find it very hit-or-miss, and sometimes I've found the best treasure when I only have fifteen minutes for a quick dash through the Salvation Army or a church thrift. I've been keeping my eye out for a replacement barn coat for about a year now, but jeans are *always* a major coup! And that goodie bag of threads...lots of inspiration there, I bet!

  6. Very good finds. Something you just score :) And really bead joy didn't spark anything for me when I first read it, funny how word usage has changed.


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