Monday, May 12, 2014

First wave of campers arrives

Houseplants, that is, on the patio for the summer.  Finally the weather seems settled enough to try them outside.  This is the first wave, from upstairs, to be joined later by downstairs ones including giant ficus tree, which has to be guyed to a fence or other tree because of wind issues in summer, it being top heavy.

 Pony palm in the left corner, then begonias among the cherry bushes, crown of thorns under the hanging boston ferns.  Just out of the pic to the right is the spathiphyllum.

The shade situation is different now that yet another section of the wild cherry is gone in a winter storm, so that's part of the thinking.  The ferns are a bit exposed ,but we'll see how they manage.

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  1. That looks beautiful! I'll look forward to the ficus :)


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