Friday, May 23, 2014

Pow! the first iris explodes into color

I always think that flowers like iris actually make a bang when they open suddenly.  Moonflowers literally do make a pop, which I've heard one evening as they opened their buds, unwinding themselves in a wonderful demo of nature and math at work!

Anyway, here, finally, late this year, the first iris appeared.  A freecycler who was picking up the other day noted the lovely bicolor so longingly that I offered him divisions in the fall. And he will come dig with me, bringing some solid purples from his own garden.  Garden freecycling!

So here are pix of my first iris in its bed (there's another bed on the patio, and yet another outside my fence, as well as exports to various neighbors' gardens).  And there's a longer view showing you the parents of my flowers.  They originated on a friend's parents' farm, and after the house was sold, she preserved some as a memorial to them. Click to see better.

I like memorials in the form of flowers, and this is a good weekend to have friendly thoughts of remembering long and recently gone friends, and the flowers we have from them.  Some flowers have been planted as a memorial, others just function that way since the friend has departed.

And we can also remember friends still with us, in the plants they have exchanged with us.  Better than glorifying war, as long as we remember to thank the people who gave everything for us all.


  1. When we moved to our last house the gardens were sadly neglected (what there were of them) and we put out the word that in lieu of housewarming gifts we would certainly appreciate excess plants from their gardens. We got a lot (!!) and ended up with beautiful flower beds all over the property...all the plants at no cost to us.

  2. Beautiful iris. We have planted some in our garden so am waiting with anticipation for the spring (sigh).

  3. What a potlucky approach to housewarming! Now, if we could only warm our homes with (re)gifted sustainable energy, we would hit the jackpot and, with luck, avert a globewarming. Ah, but I digress.

    Moving back from this lovely planet we live on to the lovely plants we derive life from, I note that beauty is clearly in the iris of the beholder. Thanks, Liz, for sharing your bouquet of insights and images. Blooming amazing!

  4. What a wonderful pop of colour! :) It is quite charming to think of flowers announcing their arrival in such a fashion.

  5. I love iris, most of mine are over now, but this morning I discovered a new bloom which cheered up the rainy skies

  6. Last year I had the thrill of actually watching an iris open before my very eyes :)

  7. Here in Cowtown the leaves finally opened over the past week. The only flowers in bloom are the dandelions, still no tulips or other spring flowers. I set the table with the good china and we dined off it in celebration of those gorgeous yellow blooms, so welcome after our long winter. - Jean


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